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Early life Sharifinia was born on 15 June 1955 in Tehran, Iran. after graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts he married to Iranian actress Azita Hajian, the outcome of this marriage are two daughters Mehraveh and Melika. Both Mehraveh and Melika are actresse and have taken roles in many important Persian series.On December 2010 and nearly after ten years of separate life , Sharifinia and Hajian field for divorce.[1] Career He began his film acting career with Avinar (1991, S. Asadi), and has worked in many films as assistant director, cinematographer, casting director, and has acted in minor or major roles. He became famous after his acting in Imam Ali (1995, Mir Bagheri).no Political views Filmography The Actor, 1992 Pari (aka. Angle), 1994 Minou Watch-Tower, 1995 Takhti, the World Champion The Snowman The Pear Tree, 1997 Apartment, 1997 (TV series) 13 Cats On the Gable Roof, 2002 The Lucky Bride, 2003 Donya, 2004 The Garden Salad, 2005 Maxx, 2005 Guest, 2007 Nesf Male Man, Nesf Male To, 2007 Ekhrajiha 1, 2007 Neghab, 2007 Dayere Zangi, 2008 Zanha Fereshte And, 2008 ye eshtebahe koochooloo , 2008 Ekhrajiha 2, 2009 Pesar Tehrooni, 2009 Malakoot , 2010 Ekhrijiha 3, 2011
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